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ulnoradial (ŭl-nŏ-RĀD-ē-ăl): Pertaining to the ulna and nerve root.

ungual (ŬNG-gwăl): Pertaining to the nail.

unilateral (ū-nĭ-LĂT-ĕr-ăl): Pertaining to one side.

unipolar (ū-nĭ-PŌ-lăr): Shape of a neuron which has only one process that includes both the axon and dendrite.

upper respiratory infection ((ŬP-er RES-pĭr-ă-tō-rē ĭn-FEK-shun): Infection of the nasal cavity, pharynx and larynx cause by a virus.

ureterectomy (ū-rē-tĕr-ĔK-tō-mē): Excision of the ureter.

ureteritis (ū-rē-tĕr-Ī-tĭs): Inflammation of the ureter.

ureterocele (ū-RĒ-tĕr-ō-sēl): Protrusion of a ureter.

ureterolithiasis (ū-rē-tĕr-ō-lĭth-Ī-ăs-ĭs): Condition of stone(s) in the ureter.

ureteroscopy (ū-RĒT-ĕ-rō-skōp): Visual examination of the ureter(s).

ureterostomy (ū-rē-tĕr-ŎS-tō-mē): Creation of an artificial opening into the ureter.

ureterostenosis (ū-rē-tĕr-ō-stĕ-NŌ-sĭs): Narrowing of the ureter.

urethritis (ūr-ē-THRĪT-ĭs): Inflammation of the urethra.

urethrocystitis (ū-rē-thrō-sĭs-TĪ-tĭs): Inflammation of the urethra and the bladder.

urinal (Ū-rĭn-ăl): Receptacle for urine.

urinary (Ū-rĭ-nār-ē): Pertaining to urine.

urogram (Ū-rō-grăm): Radiographic image of the urinary tract.

urologist (ū-RŎL-ō-jĭst): Physician who studies and treats diseases of the urinary tract.

uterine fibroid (ŪT-ĕ-rīn FIB-royd): Benign tumor of the uterine muscle.

uterine prolapse (ŪT-ĕ-rīn PRŌ-laps): Downward displacement of the uterus into the vagina.

uterus (ŪT-ĕ-rŭs): A muscular organ that nourishes and supports the growing embryo; its functions are menstruation, pregnancy, and labor.

uvula (Ū-vyŭ-lă): The uvula is a small bulbous, teardrop-shaped structure located at the apex of the soft palate.

uvulectomy (ū-vyŭ-LEK-tŏ-mē): Excision of the uvula.

uvulitis (ū-vyŭ-LĪT-ĭs): Inflammation of the uvula.

uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) ((ū-vyŭ-lō-pal-ăt-ō-fă-RING-gō-plăs-tē): Surgical repair of the uvula, palate, and pharynx.




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