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fallopian tubes (uterine tubes) (fă-lō′pē-ăn toobs (ŪT-ĕ-rīn toobs)): Pair of tubes attached to the uterus providing a passageway for the ovum to move from the ovary to the uterus.

fascia (FASH-ē-ă): Fibrous tissue.

fauces (FO-sēz): The fauces is the opening at the connection between the oral cavity and the oropharynx.

feces (FĒ-sēz): Stool, fecal matter.

femoral (FEM-ŏ-răl): Pertaining to the femur.

fetal (FĒT-ăl): Pertaining to the fetus.

fibrocystic breast changes (FCC) (fī-brō-SĬS-tĭk): Fibrosis, benign cysts, and pain or tenderness in one or both breasts (also called fibrocystic breasts).

fibroelastic membrane (fī-brō-ē-LĂS-tĭk MEM-brān): A fibroelastic membrane is a flexible membrane that closes the posterior surface of the trachea, connecting the C-shaped cartilages.

fibromyalgia (fī-brō-mī-AL-j(ē-)ă): Pain in the fibrous tissues of muscles.

fissures (FISH-ŭ-res): A groove, natural division or elongated cleft, furrow or tear; naturally occurring in the brain, they are also known as sulcus/sulci.

fistula (FIS-chŭ-lă): Abnormal passageway between two organs or an internal organ and the body surface.

flatus (FLĀ-tŭs): Gas in the GI tract.

foramen magnum (fŏ-RĀ-mĕn MAG-nŭm): Large opening in the occipital bone of the skull through which the spinal cord emerges and the vertebral arteries enter the cranium.

foramen ovale (fŏ-RĀ-mĕn Ō-văl): Opening between right and left atria, which is normal in the fetal heart.

fornix (FOR-niks): Superior portion of the vagina.

frontal lobe (FRŎN-tal lōb): Region of the cerebral cortex directly beneath the frontal bone of the cranium.

frontal plane: Plane that divides the body or an organ into an anterior (front) portion and a posterior (rear) portion.

frostbite (FROST-bīt): Conservation of core body heat results in the skin actually freezing.

fundus (FŬN-dŭs): A part of a hollow organ.


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