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keloid (KĒ-loyd): Formation of a raised or hypertrophic scar.

keratin (KER-ăt-ĭn): Intracellular fibrous protein that gives hair, nails, and skin their hardness and water-resistant properties.

keratinocyte (kĕ-RĂT-ĭ-nō-sīt): Cell that manufactures and stores the protein keratin.

keratitis (ker-ă-TĪT-ĭs): Inflammation of the cornea.

keratogenic (kĕr-ă-TŎJ-ĕ-nŭk): Agent that causes growth of horny tissue.

keratomalacia (kĕr-ă-tō-mă-LĀ-shē-ă): Softening of the cornea.

keratometer (kĕr-ă-TŎM-ĕ-ter): Instrument used to measure (the curvature) of the eye.

keratoplasty (KER-ăt-ō-plas-tē): Surgical repair of the cornea.

keratosis (ker-ă-TŌ-sĭs): Abnormal condition of growth of horny tissue.

kinesthesia (kin-ĕs-THĒ-zh(ē-)ă): Body movement.

kyphosis (kī-FŌ-sĭs): Abnormal condition of convexity of the spine.


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