In Fall of 2020, this OER textbook was adapted to be used by the Wisconsin Technical College System for their Medical Terminology course. A team of instructors and librarians from across the 16 technical colleges collaborated to get this open education resource (OER) book adapted specifically for Wisconsin Technical College students so they could take the Medical Terminology course with no additional textbook costs!

Two teams worked virtually during the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond to adapt and edit the textbook to support WTCS curriculum.

Team 1, consisted of:

  • Heidi Belitz, Lakeshore Technical College
  • Stacey Grimm, Lakeshore Technical College
  • Coleen Allee, Lakeshore Technical College
  • Khusboo Baskota, Lakeshore Technical College
  • Ashley McHose, Lakeshore Technical College
  • Kelly Carpenter, Lakeshore Technical College

Team 2, consisted of:

  • Traci Gotz, Gateway Technical College
  • Micheal Randolph, Gateway Technical College
  • Elaine Strachota, Milwaukee Area Technical College
  • Laurie Zielinski, Milwaukee Area Technical College
  • Ellen Range, Western Technical College

We also want to acknowledge the contributions of the individuals who edited this book before we got our hands on it. Thanks and gratitude to:  

  • Kimberlee Carter B.Ed., M.A., Conestoga College ITAL
  • Marie Rutherford, Dip., Nursing, LD., BGS., Georgian College CAAT
  • Tiffany Hunt BSc., Conestoga College ITAL
  • Heather Scudder, Georgian College CAAT
  • Gisele Tuzon, Georgian College CAAT
  • Alyssa Arsenault, Conestoga College ITAL
  • Ellen Dilgert BSc, BEd, RTNM, RTMR, Conestoga College ITAL
  • Sheila Bellefeuille, Conestoga College ITAL
  • Connie Stevens RN, BScN, MA, PhD (c). Sheridan College ITAL
  • Catherine Statton, R. Kin., CHE, BSc, MA, University of Guelph & Sheridan College ITAL
  • Shanta Doobay MSc, OCT, Fanshawe College CAAT
  • Kadeem Sampath, MD, Centennial College CAAT
  • Saeedeh Akram, PhD, Conestoga College ITAL
  • Jennifer Ethier, BScH, MSc candidate, Georgian College CAAT

Wisconsin Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge and honor the inherent sovereignty of the 12 tribal nations in Wisconsin that are pictured on the map below.

Seats of Government: American Indian Nations in Wisconsin
Seats of Government: American Indian Nations in Wisconsin:

We take time to call out the need for each of us to learn about the tribal nations in our communities, create meaningful collaboration and partnership, and lift up the voices of native people. Also as educators, we need to work to decolonize our curriculum and engage in antiracist pedagogy. To learn more about the tribal nations within Wisconsin, please see The Ways: Great Lakes Native Culture and Language webpage.






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Medical Terminology Copyright © 2022 by Stacey Grimm; Coleen Allee; Elaine Strachota; Laurie Zielinski; Traci Gotz; Micheal Randolph; and Heidi Belitz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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