The OER sustainability framework presented in this Field Guide is designed to assist colleges as they look to scale their current OER “initiatives” and increasingly weave OER opportunities into their academic offerings. The framework describes the infrastructure, resources, and culture that aid in the development of sustainable OER practices. The Field Guide outlines the scaffolding to support and scale OER programs on campuses rather than the mechanics of developing courses that utilize openly licensed materials.

The framework includes 10 components and related activities that campuses can use to develop a custom sustainability plan. The framework offers an organizational structure while also affording campuses the flexibility to design an approach that accommodates their current circumstances, priorities and objectives. Campuses’ OER sustainability plans may continue to evolve over time as components are completed, priorities shift, or revisions are required. Ultimately, the integration of OER may look quite different across the WTCS campuses depending on the various approaches adopted, but with the necessary supports in place, these diverse approaches can become sustainable.


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